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The Healthy Work Program is intended for the improvement of health in business environments. Business environments are often characterized by low work morale and motivation, low productivity and a high level of direct and indirect damages.

With scientific research on this topic, we are creating conditions for providing practical assistance to employers, who have difficulty in establishing a quality communication with their employees, how to engage new employees in elaborate system of communication in the organization, all with the aim of increasing productivity.

We are proud to successfully organized two international conferences:

As a result of this program the book of selected works from the first Congress "The era of the new economy and new jobs: Stress and bullying" was released. All texts in the book are in Croatian and English.

Interdisciplinary book "Compensation of Damages - Mobbing - Expertise - Mediation," released under the project, is the first book that comprehensively addresses issues of professional indemnity, mobbing, expertise and mediation in the Croatian legal and medical practice.

The book "Volunteering - a key to success in the world of work" edition of the Association Healthy City, has caused great debate in public, because it approaches volunteering from unusual perspectives, advocating for volunteerism in the profit sector.

One of the result of this project is improving  the level of visibility and recognition of civil society as carriers of initiative at the highest level of scientific competence. Healthy City with this initiative spurred dozens of new scientific initiatives, papers and collaboration through new scientific-technical project partnerships.

Programs implemented under the Healthy Work:

  • counseling for problems caused by conditions in the workplace - addressed to employers, union representatives and employees;
  • training for managers in order to achieve higher productivity by increasing employee motivation; informal education designed for future entrepreneurs;
  • advisory manage and monitor the company during its establishment;
  • organizing interdisciplinary International Congress Age of new economy and new jobs;
  • co-operation with national and international universities, the line ministries and other local and state administration
  • collaboration with adult education institutions Stella Polaris;
  • management of international projects financed from EU funds and local donors;
  • continuous work on bringing of the education system closer to labor market needs;
  • the publication of books, manuals, brochures and flyers;
  • organization of forums, lectures, round tables.



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