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With all its changes, modern society makes special demands upon education system in the world and in our country. Today it is not enough just to acquire knowledge but it is necessary to develop innovative capabilities and a number of other skills necessary for coping with uncertain circumstances in the global labor market, in which only the ones who know how to capitalize on their human, social, economic, natural and other resources can survive.

Children and young people need the tools, knowledge, experience and capabilities in line with the dynamic social and economic changes in the local and global level. Project education of children and youth is a relatively new form of educational work that is increasingly mentioned in the context of providing answers to these questions.

Through this kind of education, children and youth will gain unique knowledge and experience, develop self-confidence, critical skills and talents such as leadership, self-guidance, choosing their calling in life, communication skills, teamwork, project management, time management, finances, resources, etc .

Applied to the regular school program, project-based learning encourages children to transform learning into creative and practical action that allows them not only to gain new knowledge and experience, but also to develop those skills and adopt values that are now crucial in achieving personal, family and broader socio-economic and social prosperity.
Acquiring knowledge from the regular curriculum through project work allows children not only to adopt easier school curriculum, but also to learn project work which is extremely important for their more prepared entry into the world of labour.

Project learning encourages children and young people to develop their critical thinking, self-responsibility and social responsibility in accordance with the recommendations and best practice models of the European Union and the European Healthy Cities Network, as well as all relevant national and local programs and efforts.

This project is such an effort that upgrade existing education system with innovative, adaptive programs and facilities for lifelong education of children and youth.


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