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Computer and Internet have become part of our everyday life and an integral part of our schools, homes and workplaces. Information technologies are unavoidable social fact, and due to the numerous opportunities they offer, they are more and more interesting to younger generations, as well as their parents, teachers and educators.

Internet offers to children quick and easy access to different interesting information, but also communication and friendship with their peers in an entertaining and stimulating way. Through various forums, chats, e-mails and facebook, an easy and fast communication with the whole world is enabled. In this way children develop skills of independent, interactive learning, problem solving, memory, and their self-awareness and self-confidence.

Adults often think that children know more on Internet than them since they are more skilled and use Internet on a daily basis. But that is s not true! Children need parental control due to the fact that they do not have the life experience to warn them of the dangers that can lurk on the web. The curriculum for the safer use of the Internet was designed in association Healthy City just to facilitate the protection of the youngest adults! Andrea Russo, prof. and ®eljka Raguľ, BSc in Electronics, form Healthy City have formed curriculum, "Internetnautics" for children. Internet is an important means of communication in personal and professional life, as well as in learning and teaching. It is important that parents, teachers and children are informed about the opportunities and dangers it brings. Internet is not unreal world. We are not protected against various negative, reckless or naughty behavior within four walls. Very soon, the virtual world can become a real world, and the consequences for children and adults can be much more difficult than when the violence (of any form) happens in the real world. Making explosives, gambling, identity theft, insults, threats, stalking of children by adults with bad intentions, drug dealing, prostitution, some forms of Internet abuse, which are more accessible to thoughtless people or people with bad intentions.


In 2012, the city of Split co-financed part of the implementation of the curriculum on the safety of using the Internet. The program was conducted from March to June in two Split elementary schools, Plokite and Mejaši. We had a great help from two motivated and professional teachers, Jagoda Čopac and Jasminka Martinić, who are aware of the importance of this and similar programs.

"Pupils followed the whole project with interest and were informed about good and bad sides of the Internet, which was the ultimate goal. This group creative work has revealed how some kids are naive and easily discover their personal information. Parents were more than happy to cooperate during the project as evidenced by the feedback which was very positive. Internetnautics helped them to become aware of the dangers of Internet and what to do to protect their children from various unpleasant situations. ", says Jagoda Čopac from the school Plokite.

"Thanks to the Healthy City and the parents, I was conducting Internetnautics project for 3 months in elementary school Mejaši. I would recommend it to all elementary schools since pupils learn how to properly use the Internet and how to avoid the possible dangers in a very interesting and entertaining way through 11 creative workshops, using work sheets and producing posters. Pupils have adopted standards of safe and responsible behavior to be observed using the internet, revive the importance of discernment between the positive and negative contacts, expand the knowledge of chat and e-mail, got to know situations that may arrive through different true stories, learn how to react properly if they find themselves in uncomfortable situations" says Jasminka Martinić from the school Mejaši.

It is also important to underline the fact that before and after the training we conducted surveys which showed a significant change in attitude among children.

Parents increasingly realize the importance of allocating specific resources and time to help children educate in order to help themselves to create attitudes and preserve mental and physical health.

All of you who recognize the need to protect your child or your child's class, don`t hesitate to contact Healthy City.


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