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This project is going to tackle the emergent problem of the decreasing level of employability in the Split-Dalmatian region, enhancing the transferability of good practices, innovative approaches and effective collaboration. There are major discrepancies between supply and demand for specific knowledge and skills relevant to certain sectors. The problem is incoherence of the education system to the needs of the labour market. The proposed project creates an innovative self-sustaining and replicable system and will directly involve 120 persons whose typically limited experience in the labour market and with a lower level of specific job-related skills, providing them the opportunity to get included in the labour market. Through the project, 6 new curricula for new jobs will be provided, with new knowledge and new skills. Specific objective of the project is the development of minimum of 6 curricula all of which will contain transversal competences of ICT and self-social-entrepreneurship, aimed at matching the demands of the labour market, at responding to the most recent EU recommendations and at promoting the Europa2020 strategy for a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy in Croatia.


Total project value is 180.819,80 ? and duration is 12 months.


The curricula will affect two areas of intervention:
1. Green Economy sector, promoting environmental sustainability, resource efficiency, CO2 reduction (short distance economy), by the development of the following profiles:

- Chef/ culinary assistant/waiter/pastry chef of macrobiotic cuisine
- Chef/procurement worker/waiter/pastry chef of organic food
- Organic farmers.


2. Health and social care sector (the so-called white jobs), promoting the solidarity and the assistance to people in need and to most disadvantaged group:

- Caregivers for elderly and disabled
- Cultural mediator (person trained to explain cultural differences to migrant persons and hosts in order to ensure unobstructed communication)
- Personal and household services.

"Green and White Skills for new jobs" aims to increase offer of specialized education for unemployed persons in the region with completed formal education. The Action aims to increase capacities of unemployed persons to recognize business opportunities, increasing their abilities to search for employment and encourage them for self-employment acquiring new knowledge and new skills meeting demands of the contemporary labour market, created in partnership with economic and social institutional partners from Italian partner.


Specific objectives are:
1. to increase employability through education program enriched by international experiences, necessary on the labour market but with inexistent proper education in the formal or informal educational system.
2. to develop curricula (min 6) able to respond to the new labour market needs: the curricula will be piloted and implemented through systematic training by the institution for adult education "Stella Polaris" (sister institution of Healthy City Association in foundation); the participants will receive a certificate that will be valid in the labor market and acknowledged by the employers. Furthermore, the curricula will be submitted for approval to the Agency for vocational training and lifelong learning in Croatia.
3. to introduce the "social entrepreneurship" model as an opportunity of sustainable and durable selfemployment, providing the training and educational system with the necessary tools to adapt and exploit such forms of business.


The action will be implemented through three specific type of activities: 1) Creation of International network of experts with the aim of sharing and exchanging best model practices in lifelong learning program to match demands of contemporary labour market and thus increasing opportunities for employment and self-employment of unemployed persons in the region. 2) development of minimum of 6 new curricula for vocations highly demanded at the labour market but with nonexistent training or any kind of education in formal or informal educational system. 3) experimental implementation of the curricula, evaluated and disseminated as a follow-up of the action.

One of the most important outcomes of this action was the publication developed by project partners. This publication contains all relevant information that came out of this project and can be downloaded in English or Croatian language.

Zelene i bijele vjeątine za nove poslove [HR] 1.66 MB

Green and White Skills for new jobs [ENG] 1.58 MB


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