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George Mateljan Centre of Excellence

Very important partner of the Healthy City is Mr. George Mateljan and his gift to the mankind, the famous non-profit George Mateljan Foundation for the World's Healthiest Foods, Seattle, Washington, USA.

Great majority of the population has changed the traditional pattern and embraced Western-style diet, which caused numerous health problems. In the noise of information we receive most of them are commercial so it is highly important to provide the latest information of independent scientific studies indexed in Pub Med on what needs to be changed for the better or to make world healthier. Therefore, the Foundation, as a result of access to thousands of independent worldwide research, conducted and is still conducting and providing true and credible information on the impact of food on human health at the world’s most visited website dedicated to a healthy diet (more than 20 million visitors per year)

As a result of several years of collaboration with the Healthy City Association, in  2007 the Foundation established  George Mateljan  Center of Excellence in Split with the mission: to investigate and catalog traditional Dalmatian style diet, including foods, recipes and techniques of preparation and cooking; to examine the impact of traditional Dalmatian ways of preparing food and cooking on the nutritional value of foods; to promote sustainable organic farming; to model practical training programs designed to aid individuals and families to raise awareness of how diet can improve health.

The Center of Excellence has organized many lectures, cooking workshops and counseling  to educate the citizens, as well as a great number of appearances on the radio, television and in the press. Cooperation was established with relevant scientific institutions in Croatia was established. Croatian edition of George Mateljan’s  best-selling book The World’s Healthiest Foods was awarded the Academy Award for best work in the field of natural sciences in Croatia in 2008. A collection of recipes "Natural Desserts" in which the authors Maja Gorjan and Darinka Petrović donate their knowledge to the health of the world was published in 2009.

In 2012, the latest book of George Mateljan, Slimming Without Dieting, was published in Croatia. This book provides a solution to one of today's most burning health problems, excess weight epidemic.

There has been a weekly section World’s Healthiest Foods on HRT Radio Split  since 2008, and the association official website is updated weekly with world’s healthiest food and the recipe how to prepare it to make the most of its nutrients and enjoy the best flavor.




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