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ESENSEE - Eco Social Economy Network South and East Europe

The ESENSEE project is one of the best rated projects in the IPA Socio-economic Cooperation tender and includes the establishment of an international network, social academy and incubator for sustainable development projects. It is one of the largest and most ambitious development projects approved by EU to the Croatian association as a leading organization; it is one of the key program contributions to the implementation of the Europe 2020 strategy on the entire IPA area. The project is valued at € 677,160.00.

The overall objective of the project is to promote a culture of social and economic partnership, citizen participation, social synergy and integrated, sustainable, social and economic development of the countries and communities in the region, using the principles and values of eco-social economy and social-development capacity of the civil society.

The specific goal of this activity is to provide social and economic networking and capacity building of civil society organizations and representatives of eco-social organizations through the creation of national and regional eco-social development platforms and frameworks that will, in collaboration with EU partner organizations and national public administrations, cost-effectively contribute to sustainable and dynamic socio-economic development and social transformation in the region.

Thanks to this effort and cooperation with the Regional Cooperation Council, social entrepreneurship is recognized in the key development documents for the Western Balkans and a platform for long-term activities was created in this direction through interaction of the key government bodies responsible for this topic. Through this project, the concept of social entrepreneurship has been promoted as a generator of sustainable development in the region, but also as a model of inter-sectoral cooperation in the local and regional development. For example, the construction of infrastructure for eco-social development in the pilot region of Dalmatia through the establishment of a cluster for eco-social innovation and development were joined by almost all relevant stakeholders from the public, private and civil sectors. Also, through the project, numerous trainings were conducted for the current and future social entrepreneurs, and directly supported funding pilot projects in three countries in the region.


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