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Adriatic Welfare Mix

Through the IPA Adriatic Cross-border Cooperation Program 2007-2013, we are partners in the € 2,712,220.00-worth project Adriatic Welfare Mix through which the effectiveness of the social welfare system in the pre-accession countries will be brought closer to the EU standard. The three-year project started in September 2012 and its overall objective is to strengthen cooperation among the Adriatic countries on the social welfare system and support the development of local systems by ensuring the provision of quality social services as an essential factor of living standard. It is also aimed at suggesting a successful model in resolving the issues of social cohesion and equal opportunities in a creative way. The partners of this project are: ten organizations from Albania, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, including us as the only organization from Croatia. The project leader is the Municipality of Tirana.

Elementary facts which address the need for this and similar projects are:

  • Poverty: 29% of people in Albania and about 14% in Croatia live below the poverty level;
  • Lack of innovative national and local regulatory frameworks;
  • lack of indicators of quality of care;
  • • Low involvement of the private sector;
  • low level of decentralization;
  • lack of decentralized structures which may offer social services of adequate quality;
  • • lack of common models and systems of social activity in the region;
  • • Lack of joint structures which may offer information and develop common policy.

The project objectives are to create a convenient and innovative regulatory framework for local welfare system, to increase the efficiency of social services through public-private partnerships and greater involvement of private providers (profit and nonprofit), initiate and support social businesses through the establishment of 2-3 social enterprises in Tirana and offer of professional training with a special emphasis on disadvantaged youth (poor, disabled persons, young people who are excluded from the system, victims of trafficking, young people with a criminal record, etc...) and establish Adriatic social observatory which will work together with the authorities to improve the analysis and construction of social policies.

Expected results are:

  • enhanced cooperation on the Adriatic territory on sustainable development of the region;
  • the involvement of all relevant stakeholders;
  • improving policies in the social welfare system;
  • formed model agency for the provision of social welfare;
  • to build the capacity of local governments;
  • constructed model of social enterprise to be managed by disadvantaged youth;
  • to build the capacity of private sector towards participatory culture and practices;
  • building locally specific models to solve social issues through cross-sectoral cooperation;
  • increased competitiveness of the Adriatic region;
  • established a common observatory.


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