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How the Healthy City Association was established

The Healthy City Association was founded in year 2000 when a group of people from Split decided to create an organizational framework for the improvement of life quality in the city of Split. Our desire was to gather all the people who believe in and dream of better, healthier and more beautiful Split, the city of smiling, proactive and fulfilled people. The first Association members went on gathering and connecting people and organizations that were willing to work together and make Split an example of healthy and sustainable community. 

For this purpose, the first researches and experimental projects were initiated, and through them the first models of good practice of preventive, educational, and social entrepreneurial activity were demonstrated and established, all in collaboration with experts and scientists. Since the very foundation more than 270 people with university degrees from diverse backgrounds contributed to the successful implementation of programs and projects of the Association in many different ways. 

Over time, our area of interest and activities has expanded to the entire territory of Croatia. Due to the exceptionally successful international cooperation and successful collaboration and implementation of our projects at the national level, we wanted to avoid the implication of the local association that was evident from its name Split Healthy City Association. We therefore renamed it into the Healthy City Association. 

Health city today

The Healthy City Association is a non-profit, developmental civil society organization which, according to the Croatian and international best practices, for many years systematically gathers and connects people and organizations who are willing to work together to improve the quality of life, even outside the Croatian borders. Our programs and projects are in line with the promotion of innovative idea of healthy, sustainable and integral development of individuals, organizations and local communities in the Republic of Croatia and beyond.

We are cooperating with a number of scientific research institutions, professional, educational, economic, health, state, county and local administrative entities, as well as with other civil society organizations and individuals, including many professional associates and volunteers across Croatia and abroad. Healthy City members are completely devoted to it and want to grow with it, learn, develop and thrive with it. Programs and projects of the Healthy City are conducted professionally and often voluntary. Every year several thousands of children and adults participate in our programs and projects. The Association daily routine is carried out by seven (7) key people who create, develop and implement projects and programs aimed at the development of individuals and the community itself. The number of employees varies according to the number of obtained and implemented projects, sometimes even more than 10.

The Association activities are regularly followed by all the major media in Dalmatia and Croatia, and some of them were also presented in the Eurovision exchange of national Croatian Radio Television. Emphasis is put on the importance of longtime work on promotion of positive values, and of a concrete contribution to solving some of the most acute topics of the society.


doc. PhD. Andrea Russo at the helm of the Association of Healthy City from inception to date. CV can be read here.


Marija Martinić Vidović has been employed in Healthy City since 2006. CV can be read here.


®eljka Raguľ has been employed in  Healthy City since 2003 as an administrator and has recently become the executive director. CV can be read here.


®eljko Petrović is a member of the Board of Directors and a manager of athe program „Holistic Health“ program within the Association. CV can be read here.




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