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The implementation of educational programs

Healthy City has organized, in cooperation with the institution for adult education Stella Polaris, an experimental implementation of the six curricula for vocational training developed within the project Green and White Skills for new jobs. The vocational trainings were attended by 78 participants, and they were awarded with the appropriate certificates. These programs were co-financed by the European Commission and the Office for Cooperation with NGOs and therefore were free of charge for participants.

Study tour to Tenerife

As part of the "Green and White Skills for new jobs" project, Healthy City has organized a study tour to Croatia from 16.11. to 20.11. 2014. The study tour was attended by representatives of Healthy City and our partner organization COOSS MARCHE from Ancona, Italy. The objective of the study tour was to introduce and analyze examples of best practice to enhance knowledge in the field of developing skills and employment. As part of the event we visited Center for Education of Persons with Disabilities 'Slava Raškaj', Center for Autism 'Split', Association for Inclusion 'Lastavice', Family farm for organic beekeeping 'Ivica Dragan Elez', Educational Resource Centre in Radošić and educational eco trails, Multiple Sclerosis Society Split, Home for the elderly and infirm persons 'Split', and Daily Centre Firule - Center for education of children with disabilities 'Juraj Bonači'.

Adriatic Welfare Mix Days

Healthy City Association, as a part of Adriatic Welfare Mix project organized "Adriatic Welfare Mix Days", round table "The Role of Civil Society in Welfare Mix Model Creation" as well as the opening ceremony of the Adriatic Social Observatory. The event was held on July, 3rd and 4th 2014 Split in CEDRA - Split - Cluster for Eco- Social Innovation and Development. Objective of the conference was to present experiences and models of good practice of intersectoral collaboration on combined social policies in the Adriatic euroregion, and encourage cooperation of promotion of common objectives aligned with the best EU practice, policies, laws and developmental strategies. The event was attended by 10 partner organizations from five countries of the Adriatic euroregion, together with bodies of local self-government institutions and civil society organizations from Albania, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, including Healthy City as a project consortium from Croatia. Several prominent civil society organizations from Split Dalmatia County presented their experiences of intersectoral collaboration.

ClosEUp Film Festival in Dubrovnik

The audience of the "ClosEUp" Film Festival had a chance to see 20 short films on successful projects financed from EU funds. The aim of the festival is to bring examples of successful projects and programs of EU funds to the audience and encourage them to sign and implement their own projects. The audience chose their favorite film - Stella Polaris, a project led by Healthy City Association from Split. "ClosEUp" project is being implemented by the European Union support in the IPA INFO 2012. The project duration is 18 months, and it amounts to 99,858.53 EUR. Project is conducted by the Institute for Development and International Relations "IRMO" in partnership with "Media Factory" Association.

Study tour to Tenerife, Spain

As part of the "Green and White Skills for new jobs" project, members of the Healthy City participated in a study tour to Tenerife in Spain from 21.05 to 26.05 2014, which was organized by our partners Asociación de Cooperación Juvenil SAN MIGUEL ADICCIONES from Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The objective of the study tour was to introduce and analyze examples of best practice to enhance knowledge in the field of developing skills and employment. On Tenerife we visited a University of La Laguna, where our members gave a lecture on the development of civil society in Croatia, after which we were introduced to the work of our partners as well as with organizations Ataretaco, Asaga, Ashotel, Cruz Roja, FECAO i Fundación en Pie.

Study tour to Italy

As part of the "Green and White Skills for new jobs" project, members of the Healthy City participated in a study tour in Italy from 31.3. to 04.04.2014., which was organized by our partners COOSS MARCHE from Ancona. The objective of the study tour was to introduce and analyze examples of best practice to enhance knowledge in the field of developing skills and employment. In Ancona we visited centre for the tailored job placement "Centro Lavoro Guidato", daily center for people with disability "II Cigno", and youth center "CAG Archi". In Jesi city we visited kindergarten "Asilo Nido Biricoccole" for children of workers employed in the industrial zone, residential facility for elderly people "RP Vittorio Emanuele II", center for people with disability "COSER Alba Chiara" and international school of superb Italian cuisine "Ital.Cook".

Path of Health - Healthies and Illies

Healthy city restarted implementing a four-year program Path of Health - Healthies and Illies in the first grade of "Dobri" elementary school with the teacher Katija Lucić. This program is a supplement to the regular school program with the objective to sensitize children and their parents to play an active role in the creation of personal health. They will be learning how to affect their health by daily habits in nutrition, walking, breathing and sleep. The program leader is Željko Petrović, director of the Center of Excellence George Mateljan in Split.

Likewise, we launched a professional scientific research, to determine its impact on knowledge, attitudes and habits of children. We conducted a preliminary survey on this topic among participants and it will be repeated after the fourth grade, upon completion of the program. To further realize the potential differences among children in a four year period, we engaged the first grade of "Marjan" elementary school as a control group. Research has been carried out by a professional team composed of Andrea Russo, PhD in Biomedicine and Health, Masters of Sociology Vicko Tomić and Tony Popović (Healthy City) and Neven Duvnjak, PhD, a research associate from the Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar in Split.

Multiple sclerosis society

From 14th November 2013 to 8th February 2014 we conducted the program Path of Health for members of Multiple Sclerosis Society Split. With an introductory lecture and five seminars one cycle of Care for Health has been completed. With this cycle we explained, theoretically and practically, how to improve our health with our daily habits in breathing, walking, nutrition, sleep and relationships. Participants were acquainted with the practical knowledge, how they can "steer" their life in good health, happiness, peace and satisfaction. Once again we would like to express our gratitude to the president of the society Ante Marić-Bunje, to the secretary Zdravka Dominović and all the participants for active participation in the program.
Leader of the program the Path of Health, Željko Petrović.

Kick-off meeting for the Green and White project

Healthy City was the organizer of the kick-off meeting of the project "Green and White Skills for New Jobs", which took place from 11th to 12th February in Split. The meeting was attended by representatives of all partner organizations - Healthy City, COOSS MARCHE from Ancona, Italy and San Miguel ADICCIONES from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. The aim of the meeting was agreement on further actions and detailed elaboration of an implementation plan for the project.

Meeting with President

With the personal support of Croatian President Ivo Josipovic and organizational support of his associates, on January 22 a working meeting with the aim of unifying activities that promote employment in Croatia was organized in the presidential palace on Pantovčak. For this purpose, was presented project "3 ZA: zajedno za zapošljavanje" developed by the Healthy City Association from Split. After presenting the project, Josipovic expressed personal pleasure to get acquainted with this worthy initiative, noting the availability and openness to further cooperation in the framework of the activities that follow.

Strategic Planning of Healthy City

Healthy City members participated in Strategic Planning from 10th to 12th January 2014. The planning was organized on a family farm Repro Eko in Volavje near Jastrebarsko, specialized in the production and processing of high quality organic food. The planning process was led by Milan Bijelić form Mi Association. Main strategic objectives of the Association were identified, for the period of next five years, together with a detailed operational plan for 2014. Healthy City herby confirms long-term strategic directions in accordance with its mission and statute, but also directs itself towards promotion of human and material resources including innovative activities and approaches to the improvement of the quality of life of individuals and society as a whole.

New employee in the organization Healthy City

After several months of volunteering, Healthy City team hired a new employee, Vicko Tomić, Master of Sociology and PhD student at the University of Zadar. The objective of employment is his contribution to the quality of the organization's work and acquisition of experience in writing and implementing projects financed from European Union funds.

Round table: European Year of Citizens: What we have learned?

Healthy City representatives participated in the round table entitled "European Year of Citizens: What we have learned?", on December 20th, 2013 in Zagreb, organized within the project "Towards a European citizenship" by Croatian Law Centre. The round table was attended by representatives of the Republic of Croatia in EU bodies, representatives of the academic community and other experts as well as representatives of civil society. The aim of the round table was to recapitulate the previous year and discuss future actions to further development of democratic participation, the adoption of European values and active citizenship of the EU.

Round table: Assessment and Evaluation of the Labour Market in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Healthy City representatives, as part of the Adriatic Welfare Mix project, participated in the round table Assessment and Evaluation of the Labour Market in Bosnia and Herzegovina, on 12th December 2013 in Sarajevo. Our host was Federal Employment Institute Srajevo, as a partner on AWM project. On this occasion, we organized Steering Committee meeting, where we discussed and coordinated future project activities.

Reactivate a heart - save a life

Through the program of publicly available early defibrillation "Reactivate a heart - save a life," conducted by the Ministry of Health, the Croatian Institute for Emergency Medicine, Croatian Institute of Public Health in collaboration with other ministries, government bodies and Healthy City Association, we are trying to raise awareness about the problem of the incidence of sudden cardiac arrest and the importance of being acquainted with the first aid procedures. For this purpose, the Croatian Institute for Emergency Medical filmed an educational video about the basic measures of life support for adults with sudden cardiac arrest with the usage of automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) for laymen. Video takes you through four key steps that help to survive: identifying the occurrence of sudden cardiac arrest; proper performance of external cardiac massage and artificial respiration; AVD use and quick arrival of emergency medical services. Download video here.

Lecture "Activities for general welfare"

As a part of Adriatic Welfare Mix project, on Friday, November 29th 2013, we held a lecture "Activities for general welfare" for the final year students of Faculty of Maritime. The lecture was held by Željko Petrović, leader of the programme Way of Health in Healthy City and director of George Mateljan Centre of Excellence.

Employment through public works

Luka Livaja is employed in association Healthy City on several months period, second year in a row. Through public works measure Luka is hired to shape and maintain eco-trails in Radosic, community of Lećevica. Luka is really trustworthy and true master for almost everything.

New employee in the organization Healthy City

New employee in the organization Healthy City Toni Popovic is hired through the measures "Youth for the EU" of CES. The goal is to educate an employee during six-month period for the writing and implementation of the EU project, but also giving him opportunity to secure himself his own position in the association after the expiration of this period contributing to the receiving and realization of new EU projects.

New project for the protection and restoration of ancient wells Žuželj

Under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture an implmentation of three-year project "Conservation, restoration, presentation and promotion of ancient wells Žuželj" has begun. Educational - resource centre of Healthy City - "Stella Polaris" from 2007 continuously carries out activities for the revitalization of this rural area in cooperation with the municipality and local residents of Lećevica, protecting undeniable natural beauty and specific tangible and intangible cultural heritage of this area, where human presence dates from prehistoric times to the present. Preparatory works, land clearing, documentation and research are In progress, so we hope to have a lot of new iformation soon.

First Interdisciplinary Scientifically-professional Conference with International Participation

Members of the Healthy City association participated in the scientific and professional conference that took place on the 17th and 18th October at the Polytechnic "Nikola Tesla" in Gospic. According to the name of the conference, Sustainable Development of Rural Areas, the authors presented the work entitled The Possibility of Revitalizing Rural Area of Split-Dalmatia County, highlighting the need for harmonious development of the Dalmatian islands, the coast and the hinterland. The conference was attended by more than 30 exhibitors with a common belief that a synergy between public, private and civil sector is necessarily in order to promote sustainable development of rural areas, which can be emphasized through such events, as well as the other similar initiatives (workshops, round tables, etc.).

New project of Healthy City, cluster for social innovation...

New project of Healthy City, cluster for social innovation, development and education of local employment partnerships, was approved. The project is implemented in cooperation with nine partner organizations involved in the Local Partnership for Employment of Split-Dalmatia County. The project aims to strengthen the capacity and human resources LPE SDŽ through the development and implementation of measures and active labor market interventions.

ADRIATIC WELFARE MIX – August, 29th & 30th 2013, Ancona

Healthy City representatives participated in the international workshop The Labour Market in Adriatic Macroregionon 29th and 30th August 2013 in Ancona. The organizer of the event is one of the leading Italian social cooperatives COOS Marche, our partner in Adriatic Welfare Mix project. AWM Steering Committee meeting was held in the second part of the event, where we arranged and coordinated future activities.


ESENSEE - project with the aim to promote eco-social entrepreneurship after two years was concluded successfully. Healthy City was leading partner of the project and in collaboration with 6 organizations from 5 countries proposed the establishment of network of eco-social entrepreneurship of Eastern Europe, encouraged the development of the incubator and academia for social entrepreneurship.


Healthy City Association has received a letter of intent from the Director of the Institute of Anthropology Ph.D. Sasa Missoni with an intent to launch cooperation of the two institutions.


Cooperation will focus on location of Resource Education Center Radošić with the aim of organizing scientific and professional activities for international students.



Association Healthy City and Great Life Global from Asheville, USA, organized events on theme FOOD AS MEDICINE.

Ten days of socializing with Lino Stanchich, one of the world's leading experts in the field of macrobiotics enriched us with public lectures, seminars, as well as group and individual consultations.

We learned how to strengthen and enhance our natural energy, prevent disease using verified natural diet, control weight and achieve psychophysical strength.

More on the organization Great Global Life can be found at



Dear friends and beneficiaries,

Although  Healthy City held Open Days in April when we have prepared a series of 13 lectures and workshops for you, we invite you to visit the our association within the framework of Open Days organized at the national level held on 12th-15th June 2013.

We will gladly welcome all interested citizens in our office in Vukovarska street 65 on Friday 14 June from 10:00 to 14:00, when from our staff and volunteers can hear  more about our projects and programs.


Conference of Social Welfare Day

Healthy City Association, a partner in the project Adriatic Welfare Mix, on Thursday, May 16th participated in the conference Social Welfare Day in Tirana, organized by the Municipality of Tirana as the leader of the project. The aim of the conference was to present  results of studies on the needs of social services in the municipality of Tirana. After the conference there was a Steering Committee meeting of the Board of AWM project.

Representatives of the Association of Healthy City participated in the International Forum of Adriatic and Ionian Chambers of Commerce (AIC Forum)

Representatives of the Association of Healthy City participated in the International Forum of Adriatic and Ionian Chambers of Commerce (AIC Forum) on the May 15th in Medjugorje. On that occasion they met partners from the region with whom they are starting a new project aimed to develop forms of tourism that supports sustainable development.

Healthy City Association in partnership with the Teaching Institute for Public Health

Healthy City Association in partnership with the Teaching Institute for Public Health and the Focal Points of the World Health Organization of Occupational Health, School of Public Health "Andrija Stampar" - Faculty of Medicine in Zagreb and other associates is preparing a project for the effective recognition of depression.

Innovative skills and competences for entrepreneurs in order to promote a new sustainable tourism in the Adriatic and Ionian Area

Association Healthy City has gained AII project - Innovative skills and competences for entrepreneurs in order to promote a new sustainable tourism in the Adriatic and Ionian Area. Leader beneficiary is Forum of the Adriatic and Ionian Chambers of Commerce (AIC Forum) in partnership with five countries from the region, besides Croatia.




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